Dance for Skaters

Dance is a conversation between body & soul...

...expressing what is too deep for words."

"Dance is a conversation between body & soul...

...expressing what is to deep for words."

off ice classes

With my unique qualities as both a skater & a dancer I have developed dance classes specifically for skaters. They incorporate elements of both arts to create a fusion that cultivates each skater’s artistry and grace engaging their own creativity and developing their own signature style. I offer two off ice classes that develop these qualities.

dance for skaters

This class will start with a warmup composed both dance and skating technique. The second part of the class you will learn dance choreography that will include skating & dance elements. The beginning level will be an introduction that will start to develop your artistry. In the intermediate/advanced level we will focus on the dance qualities that most benefit your program component score in competition.


  • Dynamics
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Body articulation & Fluidity
  • Body lines & Positions
  • Stretching & Contracting
  • Body awareness
  • Focal use
  • Memorizing choreography
  • Musicality & Rhythm
  • Connecting movements & Transitions
  • Emotional connection & Expression
  • Full body movements and Body levels
  • Projecting & Performing
  • Personal style & Finesse 
  • Directional movement changes
  • Improvisation, Creativity & Personality


This class will focus on developing flexibility and strength needed to work towards advanced spiral and spin positions. We will focus on off ice exercises that will train your body to be able to execute these beautiful positions on ice.

Choreography by Sebastian Arango

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