Elevate your Skating

"Practice like you've never won...

...Perform like you've never lost."

“Practice like you've never won...

...Perform like you've never lost."

elevate you skating

Reaching the next level

To reach the next level I believe that three things are essential; being inspired, being accountable, and acknowledging your accomplishments.  I am a strong believer that you are your environment, I feel that the first step towards reaching the next level is to surround yourself with those who inspire you and motivate you to reach greatness. Secondly I believe setting yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals that are a exciting and challenging yet attainable are essential for success. When setting these goals i think it is crucial to also create simple awards to acknowledge your accomplishment. It could be as simple as treating yourself to a movie you really want to see when you reach your weekly goal. As you embark on this journey I will support you to achieve these three essential components to your training.

My Teaching Method

My method of teaching entails engaging my students’ mind by asking questions that encourage you to problem solve. I break down complex technique by giving easier to understand exercises that strengthen the muscles and movements necessary to execute complex jumps, spins, and steps. We will focus on creating consistency and good muscle memory in practice so that you can enjoy competition and go into performance mode and not fear mode. Being a versatile educator, I have had the opportunity to instruct a wide spectrum of students. From those participating at the national and international level to those challenged by A.D.H.D & Autism. This beautiful experience has taught me to always keep learning as an educator. Striving to always find the best support for each students' unique needs and tailoring my teaching to best enable your success.

Private Lessons

Private and semi private lessons are available for those wishing to focus on a particular difficult skill, support with passing a level, performance opportunities, or competition preparation. We will set goals & create rewards for accomplishments.

I offer a free evaluation for those interested in private instruction.

to contact me in regards to private sessions or free evaluations...