Music Editing

"Where words fail...

...Music speaks."

"Where words fail...

...Music speaks."

Music editing


Being that I come from a family a musicians & artists, music has been a part of my life since before i was born. Then growing up in skating & dance greatly exposed me to a huge selection of music genres and further developed my passion for music. This influence has made my music library quite eclectic and my musical ear very keen. As a music editor I draw on this experience to find and edit unique selections for each skater. 

Creative process

I like to start by working with the skater to select a music genre & style that they are passionate about. From there we will narrow down a song, looking for selections that have beautiful melodies, dynamic music accents, & a musical or rhythmic build. As I edit the music I will arrange the music so that technical elements such spins, jumps and footwork or choreographic step sequences are enhanced by the music. The result is a unique edit that makes the viewer forget they are watching a technical routine and draws them into the connection between the skater and the music.

Sample of my commissioned work

Singing in the Rain storm was a project for a Novice short program. It starts with the concept of a rainstorm in the 1920's. Using two songs that follow this theme yet have a different emotional energy. We used stormy weather, singing in the rain, and various storm sound effects to take the viewer on a journey of emotions from the blues to euphoria.

The edit below was created for a dramatic technical program. We selected the sections that had dramatic melodic themes as well as dynamic tempo changes and musical builds.

Dream State was a project for an Intermediate short program. We started with the concept of being blown into this abstract mysterious dream. The mix of classic violin and contemporary synthetic beats further adds to the mysteries and randomness of this music's dream state.

This edit was for a ladies short program. We started with the concept of Carmen wearing the mask of Zorro, in other words anything men can do ladies can do it better. We used a multitude of different selections from Carmen and the Mask of Zorro to showcase this Spanish heroins' strength and beauty. 

Crouching Flute hidden Drum was an edit for a Senior Ladies Short Program. Using the concept of a geisha warrior, I selected sections with beautiful melodic themes, percussive accents and rhythmic build to bring her to life. 

The edit below was for a technical program. We started with the concept a snake hypnotized to dance by a snake charmer. The music edit starts with a fluid and sultry flute like sound and builds to a dynamic & percussive belly dance.

This project was for a comedic show performance. We used the concept of a matador in the 1970's. Using a traditional Spanish trumpet solo, staying alive and various bull fighting sounds effects too take the spectator on this hilarious adventure.

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